Ecotourism As An Educational Experience Essays

  • Fairfax campground brings wireless to the wilderness
    (David Cho, 26 December, 2004, Washington Post)
    There is a growing trend towards parks in the USA installing wireless internet access.  Some argue that visitors will be overly drawn to their glowing screens, others say it can increase quality recreation time by allowing people to get work done efficiently whilst in remote locations.  The phenomenon is driven by advancements in luxury mobile homes, with owners increasingly requesting internet access.

  • Old Nature, New Nature: Environmental Activities for Growing People & Planets
    (James Neill, 2004, 1st ed., Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center)
    This 12-page booklet is designed an inspirational and practical primer for simple environmental activities which can be applied in many settings and which focus on raising ecological and environmental awareness and developing eco-sustainable behavior.

  • School from India wins Volvo adventure environmental award
    (, 13 May, 2004)

  • Nature = woman? The ecofeminist thang
    (Samantha Callender, 1996)

  • Green is good for you: The mental restoration we get from nature has implications for how we design artificial environments
    (Rebecca Clay, 34(2), 2001, American Psychological Association Monitor)

  • Pupils really dig learning: Educating elementary kids in the garden
    (Julia Oliver, Fayetteville Online Story, 12 April, 2004)

  • The benefits of outdoor learning centers for gifted young students
    (Gifted Child Today Magazine, Winter, 2003)

  • Making your school site an environmental smorgasbord
    (Sam Carman, 1986, The Bradford papers, [.doc; 52kb])

  • Outdoor education & experience of space
    (Amelie Zielke, Strathclyde University, 2004)

  • Do we need nature? Winners of $20,000 Shell Economist Nature Essay Competition, 2003 Announced (with downloadable essays)

  • Nature as healer
    (Tim Corcoran, Headwaters Outdoor School)

  • Principles of deep ecology
    (The Satyana Institute)

  • The core values of deep ecology

  • The New Nature: Winners & Losers in Wild Australia
    (Book Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 15, 2003)

  • Teachers forage for lessons in the forest
    (Sept 10, 2003), New York Teacher

  • Yosemite & the Invention of Wilderness
    by James Gorman (Sept 2, 2003),
    The New York Times

  • Psychological Benefits of Wilderness
    by Garrett Duncan (1998), Ecopsychology Online

  • Ecotourism Essay

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    The phrase ecotourism seems to be on the lips of many travel agents and corporations looking for new ideas in executive or "yuppie" getaways. But many "civilians" are wondering what ecotourism is and what is expected of them if they do go on a so-called ecotour. Ecotourism is defined in different ways, by different groups of people with different agendas. Many tourists are attracted to the adventure that is associated with many remote, natural areas. Others wish to encourage conservation practices in environmentally sensitive areas, using profits to restore habitat, change public perception through education, and develop community. However, local people also want the opportunity for new jobs and capitalist ventures. No matter…show more content…

    The entire trip, including advertisements, travel, upkeep of the site, souvenirs, food, and all accommodations need to be provided for in a completely sustainable manner for it to attain level 5 status in Mader’s opinion. While this system may appear rigorous in its entirety, it seems that many more people are looking for more than just a few photo opportunities when they vacation. Some are looking for a way to give back to the earth for all that it has provided them. People want to get back to nature in a very real and positive way. Peter Bowler has written many papers on the effects of habitat restoration on the human psyche. Ecotourism is quickly becoming a new way for people to enjoy nature, hands-on, during their hard-earned free time.

    Many critics and analysts of ecotourism have written about whether or not the activities involved are helping or actually harming rainforests and other popular sites of respite. Mathieson and Wall have extensively examined what many scholars and critics believe to be flaws in this method of travel. Environmental changes are seen to be caused simply by the building of hotels and accommodations, airports and roads in environmentally sensitive areas (wetlands, indigenous agricultural areas, wildlife habitat). The problems associated with a booming tourism industry have taken many small areas in different countries by storm. Towns have experienced many problems due to the poor planning in sewage system size, dumping of

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