Hcs 440 Week 4 Team Assignment

Unformatted text preview: Running Head: ECONOMIC ISSUES SIMULATION 1 Economic Issues Simulation Maria Eubanks HCS/ 440 6/1/14 Michele Burka 2ECONOMIC ISSUES SIMULATION Economic Issues Simulation Health Maintenance Organizations are responsible for organizing health insurance, providing self-funded benefit plans for health care individuals, and other entities for the U.S as a liaison with health care providers as well as hospitals on a prepaid basis. According to this simulation there were HMO options presented by Castor Collins health plans to multiple organizations. In this paper I will analyzing the demographics for the company of choice, discussing the choices reviewed for HMO, as well as providing an explanation regarding the differences in choices presented and the reasoning behind the choices I made. The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 required employers that had more than 25 employees provide federal HMO certification options if traditional healthcare were offered, therefore you are given more than one health care option in todays health care. Company: Constructit Constructit has a total of 1000 employees (550men and 450 women) all within age range from 26 to 42 and 60 percent are married, Constructit has to keep in mind that the number of employees for which their insurance has to cover spouses and /or children. When it comes to physically active 32 of the employees falls into this category while 25 percent are moderately active. Among the 170 men and 210 women there are approximately 38 percent without health related issues. Ten percent of the men as well as 8 percent women smoke heavily, while obesity rate on the rise which cause 39 percent of the employees absentee for health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and irregular heart issues. 3ECONOMIC ISSUES SIMULATION...
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HCS 440 week 4 Individual Assignment Economic Issues Simulation Paper (2 Papers)

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This Tutorial contains 2 Papers Review the Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation. In the simulation, select either Constructit or E-Editor for analysis to complete your paper. As a representative of Castor Insurance, your job is to maximize profit and minimize risk for the company. Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you do the following:  Present a profile of the chosen company. Include the following:  Demographics of the employees  Health care risk factors or potential areas of high utilization  Premiums the company is willing to pay  Based on your analysis of potential utilization, provide the following:  At least two reasons why each plan could be selected  State which plan to sell to your chosen company  What are the reasons for this decision?  Why did you decide against the other plans offered? Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. The worksheet should be used to prepare your paper. Please do not submit the worksheet as part of this assignment. References: The paper requires APA formatted references, at least, the UOP Simulation software. Also, please make sure the paper has an introduction, conclusion, and reference page.

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