Political Essay Contests 2012

Prize Essay Winners


Maria Del Rosario Castro Diaz

Food: The Hard Work of Separating Families While Keeping It All Together
Instructor & Course: Holly Schaaf, Introduction to College Reading and Writing in English (WR 098)

Lauren Kesler

Painting the Real Picture: The Benefits of Autoethnographic Filmmaking for Children with Life-Threatening Illness
Instructor & Course: Marisa Milanese, “Global Documentary” (WR 150)

Maya Terhune

A Good Little Monkey: Curious George‘s Undercurrent of White Dominance and the Series’ Continued Popularity
Instructor & Course: Anna Panszczyk, “Aesthetic Constructions of Childhood” (WR 150)

James Sbordone

Is violence–
Instructor & Course: Jessica Bozek, “Poetry Now” (WR 100)


Andrea Foster

Crossbones: Forensic Osteology of the Whydah Pirates
Instructor & Course: Kathryn Ness, “Pirates of the Atlantic: History, Archaeology, and Pop Culture” (WR 150)

Thomas Laverriere

Cross-dressing in Renoir’s La Grande Illusion and Europe’s Wartime Masculinity
Instructor & Course: Sarah Madsen Hardy, Studio 2 (KHC ST 112)

Hannah Pangrcic

Borat: Controversial Ethics for Make Better the Future of Documentary Filmmaking
Instructor & Course: Marisa Milanese, “Global Documentary” (WR 150)


Katie Griswold

Down the Street and Around the World: an Exploration of Everyday Exoticism in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Instructor & Course: Daniel Hutchins, “Travel Writing: Genre, History, and Politics” (WR 100)

Danyang Li

Justice for the Mother
Instructor & Course: Maria Zlateva, English Grammar and Composition (WR 097)

Sabrina Patrizio

Wouldn’t You Like to be Loved by April Wheeler: Suburban and Feminine Containment in Revolutionary Road
Instructor & Course: Gwen Kordonowy, “Postwar American Literature” (EN 220)


George Danis

‘The Waste Land’: Beyond Good and Evil
Instructor & Course: Jason Tandon, “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry” (WR 150)

Sophie Spiers

Frederick Douglass, The (In)credible Orator
Instructor & Course: David Shawn, “Oratory in America” (WR 100)

Ying Zhang

An Unanswerable Dilemma
Instructor & Course: Thomas Oller, Introduction to College Reading and Writing in English (WR098)


Laura Brubaker

Klimov’s Come & See As a Work of Cinematic Response
Instructor & Course: Ivan Eubanks, “Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema” (WR 100)

Krissy King

A Key to His Consciousness: Smell in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man
Instructor & Course: Michael Degener, “James Joyce: Voicing Modernity” (WR 100)

Sean Manton

Paper: Disorganized Attachment and the Orbitofrontal Cortex as the Basis for the Development of Dissociative Identity Disorder
Instructor & Course: Stephen Scheuerman, “The Nature of Consciousness” (WR 150)


Benjamin Cohen

Protecting Speech or Copyright: A Question of Balance
Instructor & Course: Bradley Queen, “The First Amendment” (WR 150)

Georgianne Maroon

Dostoevsky and Gogol’s Acknowledgments of Writers’ Limitations
Instructor & Course: Vlada Brofman, “Russian Prose Classics” (WR 100)

Jielin Yu

Rethinking Humanity: the Chimera Debate
Instructor & Course: Rebecca Kinraide, “Debates in the History of Medicine” (WR 150)


Michele Buonanduci

‘These – never stir at all –’: The Static and Dynamic in Dickinson
Instructor & Course: Thomas Otten, “American Gothic” (EN 220)

Natalie Lam

Reaching for the Axe: Kafka and the Language of Power
Instructor & Course: Michael Degener, “Kafka! Monstrous Modernity” (WR 150)

Chris Meyer

The FSA Photographs: Information, or Propaganda?
Instructor & Course: Amy Chmielewski, “Art and Politics in the Twentieth Century” (WR 150)

Gordon Towne

Peak Oil: Priorities in Alternative Energy Development
Instructor & Course: Deborah Breen, “Innovation in Technology and Science: Historical Perspectives” (WR 150)

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Стены туннеля начали обретать форму.

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