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Linguists speak fluently at least two languages and their role is converting information from one language to another. Usual work activities listed on a Linguist resume sample are converting documents into another language, making sure cultural references are considered, attending conferences, working as guides, and revising drafts. Based on our collection of example resumes, Linguists should demonstrate foreign language expertise, excellent writing skills, creativity, attention to details, and sensitivity to cultural differences. Many Linguists hold a Master's Degree in a relevant field.

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Linguist / Translator / Culture Advisor

Maintained full responsibility for facilitating the flow of concepts and ideas between diverse languages and cultures as a United States Army language translator, interpreter, and Iraqi cultural advisor for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Provided verbal and written translations from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.

  • Proficiently translated both technical and non-technical documents and interpreted for high commanders.
  • Interpreted statements made by participants during interviews, meetings, and conferences using various methods to preserve the original intent, meaning, and emphasis.
  • Displayed a professional and impartial attitude toward each speaker as to facts and opinions expressed.
  • Assisted with writing reports including opinion as to the credibility of the person interviewed for use by unit commander and for dissemination to lower, adjacent, and higher headquarters.
  • Earned multiple Certificates of Appreciation including 20th Brigade MITT Team, 20-5 (IA) MITT, 185th Military Intelligence Company, and 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade 1st Cavalry Division.

Linguistic Training Program Manager

  • Supervised linguist training and qualification for 115-member operations branch; mentored 25 trainees.
  • Initiated Job Qualification Standards and Training Plans for operational positions; coordinated with SMEs to update tasks and related technical references; scheduled and administered proficiency evaluations.
  • Standardized unit language test, mandatory requirements, and flight language challenge program; certification pass rate improved from 88% to 100% in 6 months.
  • Coordinated security clearances and procured supplies/materials to maximize training opportunities.

Spanish Linguist

Responsible for researching, compiling, and evaluating SIGINT in support of Counter-Terrorism Targeting

  • Supplied well-written summaries, gist, and translations of raw foreign intelligence
  • Accessed databases used in geospatial analysis.
  • Analyzed and evaluated over 50,000 pieces of raw data contributing to multiple intelligence reports
  • Instrumental in the discovery of foreign extremist threat leading to capture of target
  • Audited and assessed intelligence database request for 15 personnel
  • Assisted in initial position qualifications for new members
  • Assumed Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge position, balanced administrative and mission tasks

Intelligence Analyst/ Linguist

Successfully translated various voice intercepts and prepared reports on all findings, that were then submitted to higher headquarters for review

  • Planned and coordinated annual target language training and assisted newly assigned linguists with numerous translation projects in Chinese.
  • Participated in numerous statewide training exercises that specifically dealt with Intelligence Operations SIGINT, HUMINT and SCIF Operations
  • Served as the Intelligence NCO responsible for timely distribution of Tactical Military Movement Reports used by U.S. Forces and ROK Forces during Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2008
  • Possesses knowledge of Intelligence collections systems, planning/ execution, and collection techniques
  • Ability to effectively conduct research, interpret and present intelligence data in clear and concise products
  • Successfully completed numerous 5-man team level projects which dealt with analysis, stability and support operations and Chinese translation
  • Possesses in depth knowledge of Chinese military weapons systems as well as their air, land and sea movement techniques

Senior Linguist

Translated, transcribed and analyzed foreign language material in both graphic and voice formats with an extremely high level of accuracy.

  • Contributed to over a thousand translations, many of which have been included in serialized product reports.
  • Provided quality control [QC] and corrected translations done by junior linguists, leading to a higher level of accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Provided cultural analysis and strategic intelligence support.
  • Provided real-time intelligence support to special warfare operators and forward deployed units.
  • Facilitated training of junior language analysts selected to join an esteemed team within the branch, assisted junior linguists with difficult translations and target specific material.
  • Provided analytic assistance on serialized product reports.
  • Spearheaded a new training program for junior military members that resulted in a 100 percent pass rate of job qualification standards exams.


Interpreter in the Human Intelligence Collection Team

  • Translated in intelligence source meetings with the American army, key leader engagements, and ISF training classes
  • Volunteered personal time to teach introductory Arabic classes to interested soldiers
  • Mentored other interpreters to improve their translating skills
  • Participated in a multitude of the military source operations yielding invaluable intelligence information

Arabic and English Linguist

Job Description: I worked as a Linguist Liaison for TF-134 and the Central Criminal Court of Iraq. I interviewed soldiers, and detainees; and participate in Investigative Hearings and Trials.

  • Provided simultaneous, consecutive, summary, written and typed translation to US JAGs.
  • Translated and typed court documents in both English and Arabic.
  • Liaised between TF-134 and the Iraqi Hearing and Trial Courts.
  • Scheduled detainee trials.
  • Updated trial records using Microsoft Word.
  • Created a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that tracked all pertinent detainee trial information.

Linguist Specialist

  • Selected to supervise a team of 10 linguists assigned to train brigade security advisors.
  • Preformed over 60 escort missions providing translation support to high ranking US and Iraqi officials.
  • Coordinated over 10,000 sensitive movement plans and operations between the US and Iraqi forces.
  • Managed and accounted for over […] in weapons systems with no losses - received award for excellence during post command inspection.
  • Assisted logistics manager regarding more than 5M in inventory, building, and equipment.
  • Supported the company safety program with emphasis on personnel and equipment safety resulting in no losses due to accidents or negligence.

Cryptologic Linguist

Received and maintained a Top Secret-SCI clearance after entering the [company name]

  • Graduated from the Defense Language Institute French Course
  • Completed the Apprentice Language Analyst (Non-Target) Course
  • Completed Integrated Data Sources and Enhanced Analytics Course
  • Regularly conducted signals equipment training at the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility on Fort Carson

Spanish Linguist

Worked 20-25hrs/wk while in high school and college, while maintaining a 2.5G.P.A

  • Translated legal documents from Spanish to English
  • Interpreted, wrote and spoke specific foreign language.
  • Researched foreign and domestic websites.
  • Performed analysis and derived information.


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Sample College Job Cover Letter - Summer Assistant Job

Tips and Tricks for Showcasing Your Experience

A cover letter for a professional summer position should highlight both your academic experiences and your past work experience, if you have it. Remember to include your academic concentration, especially if it's relevant to the position you're applying for, as well as your personal experience.

Cover Letter Challenges for College Jobs

How do you build a convincing cover letter when your work experience consists of perhaps working as a camp counselor, walking dogs, or volunteering at a nursing home?

How does that translate into a hiring opportunity for real work? Here are some tips from ​ on "How To Write A Cover Letter When You Have No Experience."

1.  Opening paragraph: Introduce yourself, specify what job you're applying for, state how you learned about the job and whether a personal connection referred you. For example: My name is Jane and I’m a freshman at NYU, planning to major in marketing. I saw a flyer in my department about the summer job at The Star Agency and my roommate, Tina Brown, who interned with you last semester, suggested I write. I’m from LA and plan to be in the city over summer break starting June 1.

2.  Second paragraph: Make a connection between you and the employer. Read the company's blog; review their social media presence. Research everything you can about them online. Then describe how your background meets the job description. Use results-oriented examples when possible.

For example: “I see you’re looking for a self-starter. I ran a Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised $5000 to bring five international music students to our high school orchestra for a month.”

3.  Third paragraph: State how your personal traits make you a good fit for the job. Are you a team player, a leader, a problem solver?

Use short anecdotes to illustrate your examples.

Sample Cover Letter for a College Summer Assistant Position

Ella O’Donnell
Assistant Director
Boston International Center
12 Todd St.
Boston, MA 02215

Dear Ms. O’Donnell,

I am interested in applying for the Assistant Social Worker position at the Boston International Center. I am a Linguistics and Comparative Language double major and International Relations minor at Boston University, and would love for the opportunity to work at the Irish International Immigration Center.

As a student at Boston University, I understand the challenges of finding employment and housing in the city and I am very familiar with navigation and transportation around Boston. I'm eager to share what I’ve learned from my own experiences to help and mentor other young people who are looking for housing and jobs, a key part of this position as mentioned in the description. As a young person in Boston, I have both personal and professional experience with the hunt for housing and jobs, as I have experienced the challenges of finding my own housing in Boston and also interned with the Boston University Career Services Center.

In addition, I have strong communication skills that would be applicable.

This past fall, I interned full-time for a Massachusetts senator in the Democratic Headquarters. Coupled with being responsible for online research regarding electoral issues, I interacted directly with voters, politicians, and congressmen, sharpening my communication abilities on all levels.

As a young Bostonian, I look forward to helping others make the most out of their experience in this city. I am outgoing and personable as well as a responsible worker. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about the position.


Cal McNally

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