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  • "I love these planners because they allow allow classes in one ..." - By postie
    I can't find these anywhere locally. I love these planners because they allow allow classes in one place. We tried the two binders one for A day and one for B day and it didn't work! Inevitably things get left at school. Best system: 1 binder, separaters for each subject in one bonder. The separaters must have pockets to put lose papers from each class immediately into the binder. This planner at the front of the binder to keep track of all classes. Bring this back and forth every day. Then everything is in one place and it's not too combersom.

  • "Just Like My Highschool Agenda Books" - By Hen
    I went into college not too long ago, and figured that I needed some sort of planner to organize all my assignments. Back in highschool, it was mandatory to have a planner, and my school had its own agenda book for every student for free. Now that I'm in college, there's no free agenda books, and no one is holding my hand anymore, so I'm on my own.

    I searched far and wide for a satisfying planner, but most of them were in irritating fonts and girlish formats. I wanted something that imitated my highschool planner because it was perfect, and I completely took it for granted.

    This is literally the only student planner that was able to satisfy my needs. The cover may not be so attractive, but it also leaves room for customizing. It's also pretty modest and professional, which I like a lot.

    If ... full review

  • "Ordered replacement hoping I just got the one bad calendar, will update when I receive replacement" - By L.K.M.
    Use caution unless you don't need every day of month, some day's listed twice others none existent, February now has 31 day's! Ordered replacement hoping I just got the one bad calendar, will update when I receive replacement. Received replacement calendar, all months have correct number of days! Plainer is very nice, except for returning first one I'm satisfied.

  • "I absolutely love this planner!!!" - By Reviews4U
    I absolutely love this planner!!! I got the 5x8, but they have a bigger size as well. This size works perfect for me, it can fit in my purse and it is still big enough to writ everything that I need to in it. There are tabs for each month to make it easier to find what you are looking for. There are monthly views and weekly views. On the weekly views, I do wish the weekend section was as big as the weekday section, but most planners that I look at are set up this way. This is an add on item, so you will need to get $25 worth of qualifying items to be able to order it. The front part of the planner opens so that you can put a picture in there, I really like this feature. ... full review

  • I purchased this planner for my 10-yr old daughter. She just started to use it to track her homework. She attends a small Christian academy that uses an accelerate curriculum that is more student-driven than most. It stresses that her success is based on her motivation, attitude and hard work. Part of all of that includes organization. She is happy with the planner, but most of all was motivated to read the beginning sections of it! The layout is great, allows her to track her homework and progress!

A student planner is a wonderful tool for teaching your child responsibilty and time management. At the beginning of every week, I fill out an assignment sheet for each of my children that lists all of the lessons that they are responsible for completing by the end of the week.

Student planner, assignment sheet, homework chart – no matter what you call it, you can find it in this list of free planner pages for students.

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