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OUTLINE I. Introduction a. Feminism is a movement seeking equality between men and women. As defined in this course, feminism is taking women’s experiences seriously. Dating back to as early as the 17 th century the feminist movement focuses on a variety of political concepts, strategies, and policies in an attempt to empower women and gain equality. b. The women’s movement desires equality in basic terms between men and women in terms of gender roles along with rights, fair competition, and treatment. In regard to gender roles the feminist movement attempts to empower women by changing the gender roles established in society. Sex and gender are separate categories, biologically and socially constructed roles. The expected behavior of women in the submissive role is changeable, established simply by the status quo. The public-private split, which places men in the public sphere and women in the private sphere, oppresses women. The feminist movement attempts to change the constricting social barriers that prevent empowerment. The challenge the

Writing a feminist criticism paper requires research and knowledge. Without these two aspects of literary writing you will fail to present anything pertaining to academic writing. In order to know how to write a feminist criticism paper you must know how to asses and analyze a female character’s many aspects in the overall story.

This article has been written in order to provide some guidelines and tip on how to write a feminist criticism paper. Read these tips to how to write a feminist criticism paper with some concentration and then practice writing a feminist criticism paper yourself. Practice makes perfect. If you just read these guidelines to how to write a feminist criticism paper and don’t practice then reading this article will be of very little use to you.

Feminist literary criticism is somewhat considered to be a favorite amongst students who asses and write critiques related to feminism in literature. The basic and fundamental idea of a feminist criticism paper is to implement certain ideas relating to feminism in a book or poem. In other words, to look from the perspective and viewpoint of a feminist in order to evaluate a piece and find out how that literary work treats the issues regarding feminism.

As we all know the problem of women’s rights in our societies are growing evermore, and nowadays a feministic approach in order to measure modern life is being taken. Read more to know how to write a feminist criticism paper.

First of all study the roles of and the different situations of female characters in the story. Draft a list of central role played by that female character in the overall story. Mention scenarios which are anecdotal which will provide a back up for your holistic thesis.

Examine the relationship of all the female characters in respect to one another in the story.. Then review the set of contrast. Every literary criticism written has a famous set of contrasts for example, man vs. nature, nature vs. society and etc, in this case yours will be woman vs. man. So also, assess their male counterparts.

Furthermore, in literature you must also review the vocational roles of women. Doing so will allow much of the criticism to applied to the workplace. Studying every work that the character provides in the story will allow you to analyze the whole work more effectively.

Lastly, asses the attitude each of the character has and also evaluate it. Evaluate how powerful the characters get.

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